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Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2001
When we first received our copy of this book, we had two thoughts. (1) Hadn't we already read about the wedding? (2) The book is somewhat large for so little text. After confirming that we had not read the wedding story in one of Karon's earlier volumes, we settled down to read her most recent offering.
We were not disappointed. The story that unfolds in "A Common Life" is anything but common, to use the vernacular. The author graces us with her vision of what a Christian marriage should be like, and dishes out an uncommon amount of good advice for how a couple should get started in building a successful married life. (Of course, the "common" in the title is actually referring to two people who share one life in a solid marriage.)
On the other hand, we would have preferred if the book had been considerably smaller in size. Since we purchased it sight unseen, we cannot complain that its moderately large physical size was misleading. To those who pick it up off a shelf in a store without looking inside, however, there is almost certain to be disappointment. A small volume ("marriage missal" size) that one could carry in one's pocket would have been more agreeable. I hope, however, that this does not keep anyone from buying the book. It is well worth the price!
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