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Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2017
My first thought when reading the title was, "Tattoos and body mods, oh my!" Although there isn't a piercing to be found, this is one deliciously demented and sexy read. (It gave me nightmares and let me say, that is nothing to sneeze at. It takes a lot to make me cringe, let alone disturb me enough to cross into my sleeping brain.) But even more than that, its a damn good, well written story. Try not rooting for the tough as nails Kandi. And even feeling sympathy for the not quite socially adept Harold, who only wants what we all want. Come to think of it, that's what made the book so disturbing. Any author can throw morbid ideas around, it takes an especially sick and talented mind (with all due respect to Kristopher Triana of course) to write a story where you are repulsed, yet cannot put the book down.
This book was featured as April's book of the month in a group I'm in. As I understand it, this is book takes a slightly different path than his usual writings. Huge kudos to any author who can step outside their comfort zone, and deliver such a masterpiece. This is what makes the good writers great!
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