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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 3, 2021
This kind of phone is obviously meant for backup emergency service. The problem is that it's suyper complcated to get service for it. It uses CMDA 800/900/1500/1600 (I think) but when you want to buy a card for it you need to knoiw what frequency equates to which channel, and which mobile infrastructure owner uses which channel, and what those channels equal out to in frequency. Once you know that, you need to find a compatible sim card (only a few are) and make surem that the company who provides the sim card uses them compaitble frequency, channel. Once you know that you need to know which company offers a talk/text plan that you want, and whether or not they use the right frequency/channel. Then there's the issue of money. These pay as you go plans vary wildly in price and it's likely that there's only one plan from one compatible company that offers what you are looking for and good luck finding a comptible sim card and then finding where to buy the compatible plan.

WAAAAY too much trouble to be used as a backup or even a novelty phone unless you already work in cellular sales.
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