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Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2021
This book is a little hard to categorize. It follows three initially unrelated story lines, jumping back and forth between them. Two of the story lines could be considered post-apolcolyptic fiction, while the other is more of an alternate history version of the Johnny Appleseed legend. The three story lines are each individually pleasantly engaging. However I found the jumping between stories to be very disjointed- particularly since it was obvious that they were somehow supposed to fit together. Ultimately, two of the three stories do come together. The other story appears to share a character, but it's role was unclear to me. I found that the book was generally confusing and somewhat frustrating to read. The stories were too inexpertly woven together to be a satisfying read. Additionally, the characters motivations did not consistently make sense. I will say that the scifi premis of how one of the protagonists planned to save the world from climate change was creative but it was not well written.
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