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Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2017
To preface, I am an aspiring manga artist. I copy colored and black-white manga pages regularly as practice, along with creating my own original work. This is a review for the Copic Multiliner Set B-2 (with brushes), not to be confused with the similar, but refillable, Multiliner SP pens also from Copic.
These are a great alternative to Microns when doing colored pages, where I found Microns get picked up by alcohol markers a lot easier. Considering this is made by Copic, I'd expect as much. I should also note that these don't get picked up by erasers as much as Microns, so if erasing is part of your process, I'd take a look at these.
The variety in this set is perfect for inking very fine lines to bold ones (for panels), and even has brush nibs that are perfect for certain Japanese SFX fonts (I use a combination of these and high ink flow brush pens from popular brands to do my SFX).
The only thing I'd have to say, but is true for all pens of this nature, is to be careful of the angle and pressure you use with them, especially the extra fine ones (under 0.3). I accidentally bent my 0.03 nib while using it at a 45-degree angle for an extended period of time, putting pressure on the side of the tiny nib. It's now very finicky, only inking from certain angles, and it also bleeds a lot more -- not ideal for an ultra-fine pen in cleanliness-centric work like inking comics. I'm just an idiot though, being careful like you would normally would suffice and prevent that situation.
Overall, I'm perfectly satisfied with this set. I'll be purchasing more of the finer ones once they run out, as I'm sure they will run out first.
I provided some very simplistic, single stroke examples of line thickness and a couple SFX examples with the brushes (with examples of other brush pens for ink flow comparisons)

EDIT 2 (11/11/2018): I took a long break from art as a whole (haven’t touched this set for at least 6 months now). Decided I should update since they’ve been sitting, for anyone interested. They’re working just fine. Nothing out of the ordinary and they’ve all retained their usual properties. Ink flow still good and still plays well with Copics. Can’t recommend these enough!
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