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Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2020
Brooke is a divorced single mother. she and her daughter Etta live with Brooke ‘s mother. Molly is is a sixteen-year-old homeless girl living on the streets of Los Angeles. Their lives collide and they will both be forever changed.

One night Brooke decides to take Etta
a movie. While getting into the car after the movie Brooke is hijacked. The hijackers leave Brooke standing in the street while he drives off with her mother’s car and Etta strapped in the back seat.

While Molly is out collecting recycling she discovers a car seat on the her surprise, there is, still a baby in it. Molly makes a decision to take the baby with her. She knows it is unsafe for the baby on the street but it can also be unsafe with her. Molly must notify the police, which is hard to do. when you don't have a phone and you are worried about survival.

From the time Brooke gets Etta back Brooke and Molly ’s lives become intertwined. But it's difficult Brooke and Molly come from two different worlds. Molly is a homeless girl living on the streets. Brooke lives in a nice house, has a job, and enough food. Conversely, Molly does not know how she is going to get food, and shelter is a crate. Brooke is appreciative of Molly, but she is not sure she can trust her. Through the course of the book, Brooke and Molly deal with issues such as wealth, poverty, trust, homosexuality, and respect.

This story is told from the alternating point of views of both Brooke and Molly, so I knew what each character was feeling and thinking.

I could not put this book down. It was both suspenseful and heartwarming.

This was an amazing story that addresses a myriad of social issues. The characters were well developed. I did not want the story to end. I want to know now how Brooke, Molly, and Etta are doing today.

Thank you, Catherine Ryan Hyde, for writing such a heartwarming story.
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