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Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2021
I grew up reading science fiction. However, as I age and the world changes, post apocalyptic fiction is my escape from reality. I know it’s strange but a series like Derek Shupert’s Age of Collapse series pulls me right into his characters’ lives and forget about everything else around me. In book two he doesn’t disappoint in the tiniest iota. Each chapter will rock you back and forth between the two main protagonists holding your breath as the story continues to unfold. The best part is the unique spin on the genre. The power is gone. Folks are losing their minds and the unprepared are scattered. In the midst of this chaos is an even bigger threat than the long term reality of a modern world without power. At least for one man, Alex. His fight to survive is unceasing and his love for his daughter drives him through all the obstacles thrown his way. Derek Shupert has put the hurt on this man and his daughter. His protagonists are no way near helpless. It’s refreshing to see the women portrayed in this series as capable (sometimes more) than any enemy or circumstance they encounter. This series does not disappoint.

Time to stop reading my opinion and get the book. I’m confident you’ll be impatiently waiting for Derek to pound the keyboard and deliver the next book!
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