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Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2021
This is the first book of the 'I Survived' Series that I've read. I must admit it was an extremely enjoyable read. I can understand now how kids who read these books are anxious to read the next one! The story is engaging, relatable, scary at moments, and funny in other moments. Everyone can relate to the bully theme that runs throughout. But for me, it was the magic theme that I was interested in. In full disclosure, the author consulted with me about Harry Kellar, the famous magician. But to my surprise, she did not include him in the story. Rather, she took aspects of his life and created a fictional character named Antonio Meraki, to play the part of the famed magician. And, good ole HOUDINI is mentioned in the book as well. Those characters play a minor part. The main character is 11 year old Charlie Miller. He's a young kid who is learning to do magic tricks, trying to survive a bully, and tackling an on coming Hurricane!

After reading this book, I honestly want to check out some of her other I Survived books. And I'm far from a 3rd-5th Grader, lol. I would highly encourage anyone in that 3rd grader to 5th grader range to read these books. Also, they'd make excellent gifts for kids of that age!
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