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Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2020
Lyris seemed as if she were confident, but underneath, she was too insecure in my eye to have that badass persona. Like, she didn't believe her own thoughts of who she was when she was around Gage and it upset me because she really was a badass. She had confidence, she had enough sass, and she wore what she wanted to but when it came to Gage, she couldn't believe that he really wanted her in her entirety. I think because of society's perception of whom should be together especially in the music world, it made sense of her reluctance and I understand but if a man tells you that he wants you, he shows you in a multitude of ways, and he backs up all of his words, believe him. I would like a story of a self proclaimed plus-sized woman who has actual confidence and doesn't back down from love unnecessarily, but isn't haughty about it. Truly self assured. There may be moments of doubt but nothing that is a complete distraction from the story unfolding.
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