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Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2017
Right now I'm a solid size 18, with a 40/42 DD bra size. I am about to go to Bali and wanted three things:

1. A bra that was comfortable
2. A bra that supports the girls (not just hold them limply)
3. A bra that is cute with see through tops/low backs, etc.

These bras fit the bill so perfectly!

--The strappy backs are not just reserved for my slimmer sisters! The bra is comfortable--the material is smooth, and you can take the padding in or out easily. I personally like the small bit of padding as my nips are...powerful...haha. The material doesn't cut into my back at all. The side/back strap is not super high, so I do have some chub overhang, but it doesn't look horrible and it doesn't feel uncomfortable.

--I have my tried and true daily bras that I love (and that support the girls), but I wanted something a little more casual for hanging around/vacation. We will be doing some mild hiking and walking around and I don't wanna sweat through the one underwire bra I bring. I felt like my boobs looked good, that there was no uniboob, or squashed boob, and they looked normal in clothing. I wore it out and didn't feel self conscious or weird at all.

--The straps are so cute! I feel like it's hard to find niche items like a strappy yoga bra for us chunkier ladies, and this just made me really happy. Yay for feeling sexy at any size.
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