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Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2012
As the most successful basketball coach in history, John Wooden's insight should not be taken lightly. John Wooden coached the UCLA Men's basketball team to a record 10 championships which included multiple undefeated seasons as well as 7 championships in a row. These records are unheard of by today's standards and nearly unmatched in all of sports; however, this is not what makes Wooden such a winner. The essence of his philosophy is far more grounded; a level headed view on the meaning of success, an atypical approach on how to prepare, and a foundation build upon strict adherence to admirable qualities of character. Many of John Wooden's ex-players credit him more for his life advice than his basketball teachings, and this is what is found in this book.

Wooden put a significant emphasis on simply doing your personal. He defined success without any regard to whether one won or lost. He taught that there is no use focusing on the things outside one's control, such as how well prepared your opposition is, but to work incredibly hard ensuring you prepare and handle the things within your control, no matter how small. The result is that Wooden maintained a very humble yet effective approach. He gauged success on how hard his teams worked to prepare and as a consequence his teams were more prepared than any in history and the winning followed.

Few books on achievement are able to distance themselves from the winning at all costs mentality. Yet Wooden, complete with his impeccable character, offers something new and refreshing in this regard. This book is filled with nuggets of wisdom that will leave you pondering some interesting ideals and undoubtedly appreciate the observations one of sports greatest coaches.
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