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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 1, 2022
Low Angst
Continued relationship
Communication and Insecurities
Selfless Love/Trust
Dual POV

I loved this so much! David is extremely anxious and convinced that Colin is unhappy. He tells his brother, Brian, that he doesn't feel like he's enough for Colin and he's worried about Colin leaving. Brian responds in the best way- talk to Colin about how you feel. Of course, there are some distractions and continued self-doubt but just enough to make you shake your head at these two- both so unsure about their relationship when all they need to do is voice their concerns (but, well, it is understandable that not knowing is better than knowing your feelings are not reciprocated). It seems a bit obvious that Colin feels a bit inadequate in his own way (to those of us not blinded by self doubt where our lover is concerned, anyway) yet neither man feels confident to discuss it until a huge demonstration of trust and love happens in a stressful situation. The love these two have for one another made my heart ache in the most wonderful way! This short story was the perfect blend of doubt and love from both men resulting in a wonderful HFN.
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