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Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2018
A Prickly Christmas Kiss
By Allyson R. Abbott

You can’t go wrong with reading a book by Allyson R. Abbott and A Prickly Christmas Kiss is no different. This is a nice and easy quick read and I didn’t put it down until I had finished the whole book, should only take a couple of hours of solid reading. What do you get when your nickname is Elf, you meet a man called Rudi and a couple called Mr and Mrs C and two broken hearts? A nice Christmas miracle maybe? Emma whose nickname was Elf was meant o be going away for Christmas with her best friend Carla, but as it happened on the way there Carla phoned Elf and told her that her car wasn’t going to make it, so she was sorry but she would have to pull out of their two week planned break in an isolated cabin that Carla had been to many times in her life. Elf not to impressed decided she would keep going and just spend the night there and come home. Elf’s two wishes for Christmas were being away from men and escaping another Christmas with her family. So, arriving at North Poleston is where she meets Mr and Mrs C in the general store where she bought supplies before heading to the cabin. Leaving the shop, she sees a police officer writing her a ticket explaining she was looking for gas the officer could see the most beautiful woman he had seen in his life. When Elf turned back to give the officer her license he had disappeared. Arriving at the cabin she meets a cat who even though he is a male cat decides to call him Sue. Two days later the cat has hurt his paw so off to the vet Elf takes Sue only to find out that he was the police officer from a couple of days ago. When he introduces himself as Rudi, she can’t do nothing but laugh. He questions the laugh and she say she has met Mr and Mrs C who reminds her of Mr and Mrs Claus, her nickname of Elf, the Vet/Police Officers name is Rudi and now he tells her that the cats name is Santa’s Little Helper. She also finds out that Rudi is Carla’s cousin and that Carla has spent a lot of time in the cabin which belongs to Mr and Mrs C. What Rudi and Elf don’t know is that Carla has set them up as she knows they will be perfect for each other. Will Carla be right in her thoughts? Or will Rudi and Elf be to heart broken from other relationships to see past their hurt?
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