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Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2018
This is a good Highlander romance, but WOW the couple was annoying. They both kept things from each other, and then both got really angry when those secrets came out. His secret was worse than hers, so there was no excuse for how nasty he was to her when she confessed. His secret was also worse because he did not confess at all -- instead, he waited until she found out in a very public and embarrassing way. I won't give spoilers as to what their secrets were, but the way they treated each other because of them was ridiculous. I don't understand how you could be so nasty to someone you say you love.

If it hadn't been for their poor treatment of each other, especially his bad reaction to her confession, this book would have gotten 4 stars -- but I really hate romances where the couple is so nasty to each other.
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