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Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2013
I got these deck protector sleeves to protect my Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Great choice I made for the deck protector sleeves by Ultra Pro that is I think is 62x91mm is too big for Yugioh cards. They still can be used for Yugioh cards, but it feels almost like buying pants size larger. Can still wear them, but doesn't really feel good. These however 62x88mm sleeves is a perfect fit for holding your Yugioh cards in. With these help protect your cards when holding them or using them in a duel. Though not as tough as some card protectors out there, like Dragon Skin or Scale or something like that. Though it'll help protect your Yugioh cards, but not through hard rough use. A must have if you have Yugioh cards and want to protect them for longer use.
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