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Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2015
I've been buying mic, guitar, and other cables for years. I've bought and used the least expensive cables up to monsters and maganmi. I bought this as a replacement for one of the cheaper ones that I acquired over the years. I must say that I was impressed before I even tested it out. This company uses high quality gold-plated locking connectors as opposed to the standard silver ones. Also, the cable itself seems to have a lower gauge (more thickness) than the majority of others. This is good because the thicker the cable, the lower chance of a bad connection or short. I cannot guarantee that it's the wires themselves that are thicker since I haven't opened it up and probably never will. ( its possible that they just thew an extra layer of insulation inside). Either way, I've used it now with no problems and will continue to buy in the future.
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