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Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2021
Due to all the extremely positive tests and reviews on YouTube, I ordered my very first VR glasses.

The operation is extremely good, especially Air Link via WLAN, no latency, everything responds directly.

Now for the big problem, the IPD (interpupillary distance).
I see everything blurry, why? Because the maximum IPD is 68mm.
So I measured my IPD, it is almost 74mm.
I did not know that you have to pay attention to this, you assume that the developers have thought about it and calculated everything, especially such a banality. Only 5-6 milimeters more!

Why do you do that ?
I found on Reddit and other forums, very many users who have the same problem.

What were the developers thinking, please ?

Measure your interpupillary distance beforehand, if it is greater than 68mm, the VR is completely unusable for you.

I hope with the Quest 3, the problem will be fixed.

Now I have to send the VR expensive back from Germany.

Thanks for nothing.

Best regards.
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