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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2018
You wouldn't think it matters... one screwdriver bit is as good as the next, right? NOT EVEN REMOTELY THE CASE!!!

This is my second iFixIt screwdriver set in three years. The first one was beaten to hell and people walked away with a lot of my bits... and two months ago I purchased a very highly rated; no name brand bit kit that was almost exactly like the last iFixit kit that I had, but as usual, they were sub-par.

I don't know where iFixit gets their bits made, or if its just a simple matter of them having extremely high standards of their manufacturer, but these bits are ... PRECISE ... for lack of a better word ... and I can't quite explain how amazing it is using bits like this compared to cheaper brands other than to say that the difference is absolutely noticeable... you wont strip a head on a screw EVER with these bits as long as you're using the right one for the job. And they have longevity ... after three years of hard daily use on my last set, they still worked as good as they did on the first day.

Do you pay ten bucks more for this set over the generic crap? ABSOLUTELY! Is it worth three times that price? YOU BET!!! Paying the extra ten bucks should not even be a consideration if you're looking to buy something like this ... it's just a no-brainer ... don't even hesitate, just get them. I promise you that you will not be disappointed ... not even a little.
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