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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2021
The Crown of Gilded Bones, Book 3 of the Blood and Ash series, starts off on a high note of what the heck just happened... and almost never lets up. Picking up right where AKOFAF ends, this book is a rollercoaster of emotion. Secrets are revealed. Betrayals abound. Loyalties are tested. Gods awaken.

The love between Cas and Poppy fed my soul and ripped my heart open, as they learn to navigate their marriage (and all that comes with it) and the truth about who and what Poppy is. I loved the moments of living in between the hard times. And the steam level is off the charts! I can't help but to hope for a long and happy future for these two. They deserve it.

Cas' love for Poppy oozes off the pages. His moments of quiet rage are powerful, but when he loses control in the moments when he is faced with the fear of losing her, his pain is suffocating. There is no doubt that he would walk through fire and to the ends of the earth for her. His loyalty is to Poppy first. Always. And I loved this shift in his mentality. We often think about how Cas saved Poppy, but we forget that she saved him, as well. She gave him a new reason to live, and she brought him out of the shadows.

Poppy really comes into her own in this one, as she grows in her confidence and abilities. Her lineage is mind blowing, and when she truly learns to accept and embrace it, her actions are Cas-level epic. She is a total badass. Her rage? It is like Damon, Roth, and Luc all rolled into one. And I'm so here for it.

There are so many moments of high adrenaline action, plot twists and pain, mixed with moments of living, loving, and laughing. There is a solidness in the friendships that are built. The comraderie between Poppy and the wolven is beautiful and touching, with Kieran and Delano being the best friends and protectors one can have. They offer sound advice, elements of humor, and unconditional loyalty.

JLA has built a fascinating world filled with Gods, deities, mortals, prophecies, ancient blood lines, war, vengeance, destruction, and hope. I just don't know where this will go next, but I'm excited about it!

Forget every theory. Forget everything you know or thought you knew. Forget everything you think you want to happen. Avoid the spoilers. Leave it all outside and just enjoy the experience. And hold on for the ride. You won't be disappointed!
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