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Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2019
Done! Two working key fobs again. I intended to buy these as drop in replacements for two broken fobs - when I thought programming them to the car would be easy and free. Found out I’d need an auto-locksmith to do the programming and that had me digging in my toolbox for the soldering iron to repair the broken battery brackets in my original fobs. Apparently I did a good job soldering. They work again.

Soldering the battery bracket back on the circuit board was obviously a must. But I really believe that the button pads were part of the problem, so buying new fobs for $21 (With shipping) was not a waste of money, even though I am throwing away the brand new circuit boards. For $21, I got 2 new batteries and 2 new fob cases with new button pads!

Not the way I saw this going but very happy with the result anyway!
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