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Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2020
Journey before destination. A key thing in the series thus far and it makes me sad that Sanderson did not take that to heart in writing this book.

The end being really good does not make up for the meat of the book being disjointed and not fun.

It is not a bad book in the grand scheme of things, but it IS a bad book in comparison to the other Archive books.

The vast majority of characters we see repeat themes from the previous books. Mental health is a major thing in this book both to its credit and detriment. I understand it is a constant struggle for many people but I feel as though that very constant struggle hurts the book.

There just seemed to be very little progress in the book. It would be one thing if it was at least fun to read but that was not really the case. It more depressing and dark than previous books especially adding in the mental health bits.

The flow of the story was constantly interrupted, mainly by flashbacks. Flashbacks that added nothing into the story of any relevance.

This was easily my favorite series that I was reading, I looked forward to each release. In the previous books I found myself reading constantly with as few interruptions as I could.

This book was not like that. With this one I found myself putting it down to do other things, especially when one of the aforementioned flashback chapters came up.

This book combined with Sanderson saying he plans on this being a 10 book series divided into two 5 books parts leaves me sad, disappointed and worried going forward.
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