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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2016
It was good, but left me a bit frustrated. Not her best book, but still a very good read. I guess I just wanted more.


Jake and Bree literally spent most of the book in just one fight after another. And then just when you finally think that Jake and Bree would quit fighting and start actually loving one another, they would have another fight and would not talk to each other for days. They even fought less than two minutes after having sex. Unbelievable!!! And then just when things were finally getter a bit better, the book ends. No epilogue, no letting the readers know if they ever actually got married.....NOTHING!!! He proposes, and then it ends. Sure, I guess if you want to get tecnical, there was a HEA of sorts, just not my idea of a good HEA. The ending just felt way too rushed.

The story went back and forth between the broken relatioship between Bree & Jake, and her divorced parents, MIck & Megan trying to fix their troubled past---- which was okay----but I wanted more of Jack & Bree's story. I wondered why the author would bring Kevin back from over seas with a new wife in hand one minute, and then completely ignored the whole situation the next.

I did however like the closeness and dynamic's of the O'Brien family. I absolutely loved Abby's twins.

I also thought that about Jack, his sister,Caroline... and his neice,Jenny too. I have three daughters of my own---completely grown with their own teenage horrors of their own---so I could completely relate to Caroline's situation. Boys are easy, but girls???? you're lucky if you survive those teenage years unscathed.

And I loved how Jack, Will, and Mack always had each other to lean on in both the good times, and the bad.

I have read so many of Sherryl Woods books in the past, and this is the first time she's left me frustrated like this. But the fact that she can actually make me feel so strongly tells me she's the great author I've admired for years, otherwise I wouldn't have cared about any of these characters at all, right?
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