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Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2017
On the whole I like alternate history novels. I especially like WWII alternate history because I enjoy learning about history from that era. Robert Conroy does a pretty decent job of taking us back to yesterday. Though I know that the Japanese were brutal in their treatment of prisoners, it’s still hard to wrap your mind around such atrocities (though ISIS probably comes close).
I believe that even changing a few parameters, like the Japanese winning at Midway, that America would have still come out on top. Our people and resource would have prevailed in the long run (Yamamoto stated that before his attack on Pearl Harbor). Conroy mixes fictional and real characters together to tell his story. You can see some of the story arcs happen in just the way he describes them. 75 years removed from the subject gives a perspective we would not have seen at the time. It works.
That era of time is ripe with variations on a theme: The Japanese 3rd wave going into Hawaii. Hitler not declaring war on the US after the attack forcing us to deal with the Japanese instead of Hitler first. Germany getting the ‘bomb’ first. Etc… Like I said the variations are endless…
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