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Reviewed in the United States on September 9, 2018
I am a member of a VERY elite and exclusive organization. Yes ladies and gentlemen. I am a Discover Card "Member".

While visiting the Nintendo Eshop, I decided I wanted to get a new game: Super Mario Odyssey.

Clickety, click and off I go to their shopping cart.

Suddenly my heart sinks. My pulse rises. I can't believe my eyes. Nintendo does not accept Discover Card!

Rather than just closing my browser then and there. Grabbing my Switch and tossing it in the trash. I realized this must be some sort of mistake? Clearly. I felt discriminated against, personally attacked even.

Breathe for a moment. Settle down. There must be some way around this. My very first thought was Amazon.

Well, a moment later and I'm looking at these gift cards. My only worry was how long it would take to receive the codes. How would I receive the codes. Etc.

I proceeded. Bought a $50 and a $10 in order to buy the game in question. Went through Amazon checkout with my Discover Card in hand. Within one minute I had everything I needed to place my order with Nintendo. The codes for the eCash were provided instantly and I didn't have to wait at all.

Amazon saved the day, and I didn't have to resort to using a different card.

Fast transaction, instant codes, happy customer.
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