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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 25, 2019
With the length of this book you would think it would have a conclusion it does not it leaves you with questions and a big cliffhanger. Cassidy stood by shocked, helpless and full of fear as she witnessed her twin brother being murdered. Her brother was involved with the wrong crowd. Cassidy was a librarian shy an innocent. The day her brother was murdered all that shattered. Trace is a hardcore protective person of those he cares for and the one person he cares for most is his dying mother. But when he meets Cassidy it's a strange feeling for him to feel protective of her. He watches Cassidy transform herself from the shy innocent librarian to a hardcore fighting machine. She transforms her look, her attitude her life goals and profession. While she builds her life around revenge she also builds a relationship with Trace he even though he is a detective assigned to her brothers case and is a professional he finds himself bending the rules for Cassidy he even takes a bullet for her. They form a bond and a love blooms. But he does not like watching her fight although he is amazed at her for her abilities. The book does have a conclusion but it is not a final one I believe this is the first book in this series. We are left with a cliffhanger
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