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Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2013
SPOILER ALERT. Don't read my review if you're worried that it might spoil the book for you.
A far stretch from the quality of the first book, the last book in the "Book of Deacon" series is almost disappointing. The book consisted so much of hunting down and tracking fellow Chosen and fighting battles along the way that it started to feel almost systematic. It may have been interesting if the action sequences had a little more variance in them, but every battle seemed to turn out the same - the heroes, being taxed to their limits, barely escape with their lives. The descriptions of the monsters that they face are detailed but tired. The few plot twists that are incorporated - Myn's reincarnation, Myranda's death/rebirth, Deacon's appearance - are far too predictable and ill-explained. Even the excitement that comes with wondering how the author will explain a certain plot point is gone when you find out that the author just DOESN'T explain it.

What irks me most, though, are the threads that are left hanging at the end of the book. Many avenues that would have made an interesting end to the book were simply ignored in favour of an overused, sterile conclusion. The most prominent example of this is Deacon and his book bag. An explanation is never given as to how items that he had never placed in his bag and words he had never written in his book appeared. What with the brief mention of the forbidden art of time travel, I thought the ending might have an interesting explanation involving that, but it does not. I also assumed that, at the end of the final book, it would be revealed that the author of the books was actually Deacon (hence the title "The Book of Deacon"), but that also is never mentioned.

Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed reading the trilogy and the last book was an adequate ending to the series. However, as I was expecting something that surpassed adequacy, I cannot help but be disappointed by it.
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