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Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2019
This film was dark and strange in itself .

In the beginning of the film, a Cult leader in an isolated underground sanctuary in the desert, had found nirvana through his beliefs and had amassed a large following praising him as if he was a Messiah. The leader had amazing powers that was shown, merely 7 minutes into the movie. There were also a group of disbelievers , tipped off by a stray Cult member that sought to liberate a hostage that would be used as a sacrificial lamb of sorts for their Ritual. She was guarded by a fiercely wild baboon. As they make their descent into the lair to liberate the hostage, they encounter a rebellion of the Cult members and the subsequent betrayal, caused the Messiah to use his Magic to Astral manipulate the betrayer's thoughts, seizing his mind and placing inside of him an extension of his ego. They end up killing the Messiah, freeing the hostage, but took a few loses both in death and psychologically.

An Illusionist hires a Private Investigator to find a " Book of Spell craft " owned by the dead Messiah. The Magicians had a council and were sworn to secrecy. Seeing that the P.I. was an outsider, they did not readily work with him, however 1 in particular went behind the councils back and decided to join the search for the magical scrolls.

On the flip side of the spectrum, the Messiah had a few very interesting Minions that remained loyal to the Messiah even in death. It was unclear if they too sought out the Spell book, but they did manage at every turn to try to kill the P.I. and hounded him throughout the film. One of the minions was Androgynous, while the other was some kind of warped and modified side show freak with sharpened teeth.

The once Follower that lead the team that liberated the Hostage, was the one that was Astral manipulated, had acquired a new persona, even more serious than he was naturally in the movie. He also had developed Powers that allowed him to defy all of the Laws of Physics . To the audience, he was a Magician, he was actually using real magic, levitation and spells as well , passed through that mind meld earlier in the movie.

The P.I. finally finds the Spell Book and unbeknownst to him, set into motion the Resurrection of the Messiah by his Androgynous Minion and his cult members still loyal awaiting his return to the flesh. In the end the Messiah returns, powers renewed and even stronger than before, he seeks to finally rid himself of all problematic foes , only to be killed again and returned to the pit from whence he came.

This Film is Suspenseful and a Thriller at best. It will keep you intrigued, has some interesting plot twists too. Scott Bakula really nailed his role and made his character as believable , gritty and edgy as they come. Spectacular Cinematography from the 80's. I would recommend this movie to anyone that appreciates dark horror movies.
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