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Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2019
As a Science Fiction lover, I am so happy to have another world to explore. As a Veteran I was reminded of the cost of war and the bonds created. As an English teacher of 17 years I have to say his writing speaks to me and I see an honest reflection of war and hope in this series. I cannot wait to see where Chaney and Hopper take me on this adventure.

J.N Chaney has created many worlds and characters that travel the universe making it better despite their lack of strict morals. He also has consistently spotted Talented writers and teamed up with them to enhance their craft. He has really stepped up with Christopher Hopper who has created Fantasy worlds in his Dibor series, the Berinfell Prophesies, and the Skyriders series. In this new collaboration we see new characters like the great characters found in the Renegade Universe with the typical twists and turns of Chaney and Christopher Hopper brings his ability to address the heart of many real issues faced in our modern world while addressing the hard questions about war and suffering around the globe in a new and riveting way. I cannot wait to see where Chaney and Hopper take me in this series. Here is hoping it is as big as the Renegade Series too.
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