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Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2017
OMG!!!!! I am left speechless on this one. I totally enjoyed this book. the characters a re made for each other. After Melanie 's kidnapping and her not being able to get anyone on the phone I really thought she was a goner, but to my surprise she used her head to get out of the situation with one focus, to tell Jonah she loves him. My girl waited patiently and did escape. 10 points for survival skills.

Jonah wow that man is oh gorgeous. Very Dominant but when he heard from Melanie he dropped everything and ran to her in the hospital. He took her home with him and vowed to find her kidnappers along with finding Talon's as well. The chemistry between the two of them is insanely HOT.

The story goes on to unfold some other mysterys and that's when things really get interesting. Everything is leading up to the same kidnappers in both cases. I can go on about the book but I need you to buy it and read it yourself. The entire series does not disappoint. Totally in love with this series. The cliff hanger, WOW it's a dozzer.
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