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Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2021
Pretty Little Lion was an amazing follow up to Big Bad Wolf featuring a romance between two people after the same man.

Third Shift co-founder Elijah Richter breaks the number one rule of undercover work to never fall for his mark. But the minute he spots Meghna Saxena-Saunders across the room, Elijah is immediately taken by her. Originally intending to seduce her due to her role as arms dealer Mirko Aston's girlfriend, his plan goes off the rails when one of Aston's goons interrupts them. When Meghna is revealed to be an assassin, the pair are forced to work together to salvage their missions. With danger on all sides, their attraction threatens to consume them both.

The plot to take down Aston and stop the arms sale was an interesting plot. Elijah and Meghna are both after Aston although they go about it in different ways. Meghna's method usually includes getting close to someone before making their death look like an accident. Elijah is more direct in his methods with his work at Third Shift. In this case, the pair are both after information Aston has about a weapons sale which keeps them from immediately eliminating the guy. There's a fair amount of action in this book as Meghna and Elijah track down leads which I enjoyed. The implications of the weapon they're tracking down could have far reaching consequences for the shapeshifter community and I'm interested to see what comes from that in future installments. The ending was suspenseful with a great final confrontation with the bad guys.

Elijah and Meghna's romance starts out as an immediate attraction on both sides. The pair hook up only a few minutes after they first meet and the sexy scenes don't let up the entire book. I very much prefer my romances to be on the more explicit side so I loved that aspect of the book, but just fair warning if that's not your thing. With both of them being in similar lines of work, there is an understanding there when it comes to their work although they do go about doing things in different ways. There were several issues in the way of a real relationship between them and I liked how the author dealt with those issues. In addition to Elijah and Meghna's romance there was also a romance between three side characters; Grace, Finn, and Nate. This was my first time reading about a romance involving a throuple, so that was a nice change. I liked the dynamic between the three of them and how well they fit together.

Overall Pretty Little Lion was a fantastic read and I'm looking forward to reading future books in the series.
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