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Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2020
After researching every option, manufactures as well as reading reviews and watching videos we purchased the Jackery 1000 power station and two Jackery 100 watt solar panels. I wanted to have a solar unit on our camping trips as well as for possible emergencies at home as a quiet and reliable back up to our gas generator. The Jackery arrived with a 39% charge out of the box. I read the directions and set up the panels on my balcony facing the sun the next morning. It is a very easy set-up. I turned the panels as the sun moved across the sky to optimize the rays hitting the surface of the panels as directly as possible about every 15-20 minutes. We're in Southern California and it was a clear December day. With both panels connected I was pulling in about 135 watts to the Jackery. By early evening, an hour before sunset the J1000 was fully charged. My only rub is for $1600 + dollars you would think Jackery would throw in a carrying case for the station... You have to order it separate. A cooler bag will work fine for much less. Also, the panels do not have a carrying case. They have no protection when on the move. I purchased a artists canvas portfolio bag. Keep the cardboard box the panels came in put it in the portfolio, and voila! A protective carrying case for the panels. I'm going to get an additional Jackery 1000 to use while one is charging as a backup while running our 12V fridge. The Jackery seems to be the best option until new technology arrives.

Update, 6 months later: Upon using The J1000 to run our 53qt. 12V camping refrigerator/freezer the results are in.
We started with a full 100% charge on the J1000. The refrigerator compressor fired right up and began cooling. After 24 hours the reading on the J1000 was 80% charge. Periodically I opened the fridge to check and simulate actual use. After 48 hours it was at 40% with, of course, 20% power remaining. This means mathematically we can run the fridge approximately 60 hours on the J1000 without recharging on one power station. Excellent. I have purchased another J1000 as a back up while the other is charging. That should easily give us 4-5 days without even recharging. If you are considering a solar power unit, I don't believe you'll go wrong with the Jackery line. I'm very picky and critical of commercial products and have surprisingly pleased, so far, with Jackery. BTW: Most important, their customer service is second to none, having contacted them with questions and experiencing quick responses. I'm an avid camper, prepper, actual paying customer, and user. No axes to grind, no bs.
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