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Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2020
Here's a review written by my 14yo son. He became initially interested in Musk because we talk a lot about stocks and he's watched the Tesla's stock crazy ride. Some parts were definitely too dense, but all in all, I think the broadened his mind about what is possible and how "nerdy kids" can really do awesome stuff.

The book that I read about Elon Musk was full of many scientific terms and a lot of complicated engineering. It talks about Elon’s life as a kid and how thoughtful he was. Later in Elon’s life he was working a bunch of jobs and later decided to branch out and create his own company. This was a company called Zip2 which better known as PayPal blew up and did very well for Elon and his brother Kimbal. Later Musk starts Tesla which is potentially the future of saving our world. They made a car called the Tesla Roadster and eventually made the Model S which many people have now today. These cars are electrical meaning there is a rechargeable battery in the car. Later on Musk finally decided to chase his dream and build rocket ships that could be reusable. Many years later Musk decided to test his first rocket ship, from this launch Musk learned a lot of things and later got a successful launch into space.

Some takeaways from this is when Musk made the first Tesla car it was very expensive. But now many people are getting Tesla’s and are now the same price as a regular car. Also it was cool to hear about Elon and SpaceX to make their rocket and launch it into space because a couple of months ago we saw SpaceX launch a successful rocket into orbit. So it's cool to think about how they built the rocket and the story of how it happened. Even though Elon as a little kid was being bullied, by the time he was four he was very thoughtful and always wanted to make a rocket ship. The amazing thing to think about is that in 2030 every single person might be driving a Tesla.

I would recommend this book to anybody who can handle the vocabulary. There are many words that I had no clue what they meant. But otherwise people should realize what might be the future. Soon all gas powered cars might go away and be replaced by Tesla cars and other e cars.
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