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Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2021
While the coffee tastes fine, like others have reviewed, this product simply isn't built to last. I bought this in December 2019 and just got my new machine to replace this one in today so about a year and a half we got out of it.
Some pros of the machine are the internal coffee storage that helps keep it fresh for longer and no glass carafe to worry about, but the coffee at the bottom always tastes burnt if its in the machine longer than an hour, ours would randomly leak from the bottom somewhere, leaving water all over the counter even with regular vinegar cleanings and only using filtered water in it. The tank is not dishwasher safe and the cup measure on the sides pretty much stay stained with coffee since its not really built with cleaning in mind so you got to kind of shake the machine a little or take a real close look to see how much coffee you have. The last cup or two you have to tilt the machine to get the coffee out or it doesn't flow well and gets all over the place because its just going down the side of the cup and machine.

If you want a simple coffee machine for a vacation home or 2nd home that looks like nice, this could work, but if you want an everyday workhorse I would stay away from this unit and go with something else.
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