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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 8, 2019
I'll admit, I have a very low tolerance for political correctness. A tiny drop can spoil the taste of an otherwise excellent novel. Jonathan Maberry is an incredibly talented writer, it shows in the vivid and colorful characters, the complex yet carefully woven plots, and the intense action sequences. Yet, bit by bit, each novel has increased it's flavor of political correctness. Now, in this novel, I'm expect to believe that Communist China, where innocent people are harvested for their organs and Putin's Russia, which is currently developing a nuclear device designed to kill hundreds of millions of Americans are NOT as evil as the other villains Joe Ledger hunts? That the United States is equally as dangerous as these other countries? Worse still, his plot theme of the "sane adults" in governments led by "unstable and blustering leaders" sounds just like how that cabal of government agents, who are currently trying destroy president Trump, describe themselves. It's a sad thing, when an otherwise brilliantly talented person, allows the poisonous culture of the left to lead them into darkness. Good Bye Jonathan, it was great reading your other books.
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