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Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2016
The anthology was shipped well and package was received quickly. Smooth transaction, no problems. Truly a 5-Star experience! I would recommend this seller and product to a friend, and I do so now to you.

Alex Shvartsman is a writer, editor, publisher and anthologist that knows what he's doing. He delivers a superior product every time and that's one reason among many to do business with him. I will do business with him again, in a heartbeat. He is always in a good mood (which personally I find somewhat annoying, but hey, that's business--I think I'm just jealous) and deals with customers so that their orders go off without a hitch. Although I'm proud to count him among my friends, this review is an honest and sincere one based on the product, attention to detail in the packaging and shipping, and that it arrived in a timely fashion. In fact, I got it long before I expected. My experience as a customer was great.

When involved in any kind of transaction with Alex, you can relax and know you're in good hands.

(I chose alternating persons in the 'How is the story narrated?' category as it's an anthology and there are many different perspectives from story to story.) Excellent editing. Alex is a self-made man, as they say, in the finest entrepreneurial sense, and has worked hard to create a publishing company that delivers peerless content. That's why he's listed as a qualifying market by the SWFA--next to towering giants including Tor and countless other booksellers and magazines. He's out there all by himself, and the SFWA decided to create their new anthology category based on his successful publications; the collections of stories he's released are literally in a category all on their own. He stands alone, and while no man is an Island, Alex is certainly a helluva peninsula. He's a genius, I don't mind telling you, but without the ego that most of us have. I'll do business with him as long as he continues to sell novels and anthologies--hell, he could produce a pop-up book in Japanese about fairy dust and unicorns, and I'd buy it in a heartbeat because I know that he is the best and so is his product--It doesn't get any better than this.

Thanks, Alex, and keep 'em coming! I'll always want at least one!

(A short note of personal disclosure: I was given nothing in exchange for a charitable review. It's all too common these days for these disclaimers to say there was a bribe of money, credit, parts or accessories in return for a good review. That is not the case here. He's just that good. 'Nuff said.")
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