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Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2012
While prose is not as compact as poetry, a question I asked myself while reading The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich was "What could have been deleted from this book without harm?" Another question perhaps harder to justify - perhaps because it gives the reviewer too much degrees of freedom - is "What could have been added to improve this book?"

Personally while I have great respect for Phillip K. Dick, I found this book had a lot of soft stone that should have been removed to reveal a "sculpture" worth seeing. Perhaps if one regards the book as an incoherent dream of some fictional insane mind - it makes some sense.

I think Dick wrote some great works, but l consider the time I spent reading this story to be a waste. In some sense it reminds me of some of the books by George R R Martin in the Game of Thrones Series (though Dick does attempt to reach something deeper it seems to me). This book and perhaps all of those by Martin suffer from being entertaining over a few pages and pointless over many. The well-written scenes end up leading to nothing more than a collection of well-written scenes that promise something greater than the sum of its parts but does deliver.
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