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Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2020
I always wondered if this item would truly do it's job. Some of the reviews have not been favorable and some are. Now I have real world experience with this Surge Protector. My signal comes in via coaxial to the modem which is connected to old Asus router I was using as my wi-fi access point. This Asus Router was connected, via an Ethernet cable, to an expensive Cisco Commercial Router. I parked the APC Surge Protector at the end of that Ethernet Cable and then plugged the other end of the APC into my commercial router's WAN. It sat there for quite a while and I had no idea if it was actually going to work. Sometime in the last week the coaxial cable coming into my home experienced some type of surge (probably lightning) that ran up the line to the modem, then through the Ethernet Cable connected to the Asus Router, through the outgoing Ethernet cable connected to the APC Surge Protector. That surge evidenced itself as follows: Burnt connections in the outside coaxial cable as well as my inside coaxial cable running to the alcove where my equipment is installed. It then proceeded to fry the modem (owned by the ISP, so no harm no foul) thru the Ethernet Cable (which was also burnt out) connected to the Asus Router. It fried the Asus Router then and ran down the Ethernet cable with the APC Surge Protector at the end which was connected to the Commercial Router. Bottom line is the lightning strike took out everything (including Ethernet Cables) all the way up to the APC Surge Protector. It protected that router as well as my expensive CAT 6 cabling throughout the residence. In other words, the APC Surge Protector DID IT'S JOB.
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