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Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2017
For the record, this is my very first Mercedes Lackey book that I've read.

So far I have made it through the first two books and while it's enjoyable, I don't feel that I've been quite as roped in as some of the reviewers here. I think it depends on what kind of a story you're looking for. There is some action in these books, but honestly not much, and it always seems to culminate at the very end of the book in a single battle that lasts about 10-20 pages. The irony is that there's a roughly 10yr gap between the first book and the second book, and during those years the main character fought many frontline battles and became pretty much the most powerful mage in the country.... I wish I could have read about that! When I read fantasy I'm looking for adventures!

The story is more about the character's thoughts and his personal development as well as his relation to others. That isn't bad per say, but it started to feel a little redundant for me reading once again about his (relatively unchanging) emotional state that seemed to be verging on whiny for me. I understand that a character doesn't have to be perfect, and in fact a flawed character is a great way to add to a story and create conflict and development... but in this case I feel like the pacing is a bit slow for me. Also, I wish there was more interactions/delved more into the character's relationships with others from his love interest to his family and friends. The love dynamic in the first book felt a bit rushed and quick, and didn't go into as much depth as I would have liked to make it truly believable. His interaction in the second book with his family also felt rather cookie-cutter.

As for the writer's writing style, I enjoy it for the most part. She gives Vanyel a unique voice which is good, and you can tell that the magic and the world are well-thought out and established (to be expected since she'd already written multiple books prior to this one). I do wish there was more description in what things looked at from time to time, as I found myself having a hard time visualizing things, but that just might be my own personal preference. It's definitely not enough to take away from the story for me.

The overall story plot is good and interesting, and I'm waiting to see what book 3 has to offer... but I am hoping that the pacing picks up a little and gets a bit more... nitty gritty for me to really feel the drama and emotional investment. Depending on that last book, I may come back and update this review.
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