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Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2020
The good:

- I love the aesthetic. The all black color way with the red accents looks fantastic.

- The endless encoders feel great when turning and have the right amount of resistance in my opinion.

- Keys feel solid considering the size.

- Screen is a nice addition. Visual feedback is always nice to have.

- Daw templates.

The bad:

- The joystick always returns to zero no matter what your starting value was. For example, if you have your filter cutoff at 50% and use the joystick to sweep your cutoff once you return to the default position it will set your cutoff to 0 instead of returning to 50%. Might as well just use the encoders instead.

- Buttons feel cheap and toylike with the audible click and hard plastic feel.

- Could not get Arp and Note Repeat to sync to anything other than MPC Beats. I tried Ableton and FL Studio 20 and followed their instructions to turn on Sync for MPK midi out in midi preferences, but it’s definitely not syncing the correct bpm. I made sure to change the sync to External on the MPK itself and also tried the MPK editor as well, but still no luck. When I change the tempo in Live and FL Studio it changes the tempo on the MPK, but they are still not at the same bpm. The MPK is always at a slightly lower bpm at all times. Very frustrating. The only workable option I can see is to set the bpm manually on the MPK to match the bpm in Live, set auto quantize in Live, and hope you have good enough timing playing your patterns.

The out of sync ARP and Note Repeat is highly disappointing. I don’t understand why it works in MPC Beats, but not in Live or FLStudio. I can work with the other things, but that might be a deal breaker for me.
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