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Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2016
First let me just say as I always do with these reviews, I like some of Brian’s and Kevin’s books about Dune. Butlerian Jihad, Machine Crusade, House Atreides, House Corrino, and House Harkonnen are all amazing books that get dismissed too quickly.

That said, the last 3 books, Sisterhood of Dune, Mentats of Dune, and now this monstrosity Navigators of Dune are all utter crap. My guess is that Brian and Kevin spent way too much time writing their other books instead of focusing on the last few Dune books. Here are just a few of the things wrong with this last book. Spoilers are coming.

- They spent the last 3 books doing what I call filler. They constantly, and I mean constantly re-hash what has previously happened. 40% of this book is just them re-hashing everything in the previous book/books ad nausea. Yes, we are all aware what just happened in the book 5 chapters ago, YOU JUST WROTE IT. Utterly lazing writing.

- There is ZERO character development in the third book. NOTHING!

- Vorian Atreides. Clearly the most important protagonist of the last several books and they end his story with him limping away in disgrace. Something an Atreides would never do. What in the seven hells possessed them to utterly ruin this character?

- Venport. For the universe's most successful, smartest businessman they wrote him laughably bad. Mistake, after mistake, after mistake. A man who trapped the entire known universe in a complicated web of commerce wouldn't have made half the mistakes he made.

- Draigo Roget. A mentat, who offered very little in terms of advice for Venport. All defensive thinking, no offensive thinking, no multiple moves ahead as a REAL mentat would do. Did Kevin/Brian forget what the heck a mentat was?

- Norma Cenva. Besides Vorian, this character breakdown hurt the most. Norma's character development in the previous books was wonderful. An imperfect girl who becomes a beautiful women under the vicious torture of a cymek. A woman who becomes the most advanced human being ever known, maybe even more than a Kwisatz Haderach. A women who valued her family over everything. They take that character and reduce her to a handful of lines, all simple navigator speak. No depth and too boot, she abandons Venport. What a waste.

- In Closing. This book is bad and Brian/Kevin should feel bad.
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