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Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2019
The film Is Genesis History is probably the most-discussed creationist documentary in several years. It is reasonably well-produced, easy to follow, and covers a lot of ground, including topics from geology, paleontology, biology, and astronomy. It also has a refreshingly congenial tone—in contrast to the more combative style of some other creationist authors.

With that said, this film still presents the origins debate as a simple dichotomy: atheistic naturalism vs young-earth creationism. In assuming that there is only one “Biblical” view of origins, it ignores the many Christians throughout the last two millennia who have read Genesis differently, and the many Christians working in the sciences who find the young-earth perspective to be both unconvincing and unnecessary.

The scientific evidence presented is also fairly selective. One speaker mentions the flat sedimentary layers in the Grand Canyon—implying that there must not have been enough time between layers for erosion—but leaves out the fact that there actually are significant erosional features between some of these layers. Another suggests that Mt St Helens illustrates how geologic processes can occur quickly, but fails to recognize that geologists already know this and have methods for distinguishing rapid from slow processes.

One particularly misleading graph shows T. rex and triceratops silhouettes with lines extending from the late Jurassic to the late Cretaceous, to emphasize that these animals did not change once they appeared in the fossil record. The problem is that both of these animals actually did change: the earlier ceratopsians and tyrannosaurids were very different from triceratops and T. rex, and the latter are found only in the late Cretaceous.

Overall, while this documentary is well put together and strikes an appropriate tone, it leaves out crucial information about both science and the Bible, and needlessly links Christianity to some poorly-developed ideas about young-earth creationism.
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