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Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2017
EDIT: I'm going to update my review after having it for a little while now. I feel it already needs replaced and I am not happy about it. The spot where I lay is much softer than the rest of the mattress. You can feel how much softer it is just by pushing your hands into it. You sink in with little resistance where I lay and feels much stiffer in the surrounding areas. When I lay down I can feel with my back and butt the slats in the bed. Got this with the hope it would make my back pain better, it only appears to be making things worse. Might be replacing it very soon before things get much worse. Least this was a rather cheap mistake.

so I just got it a few hours ago. Immediately got it out of the packaging. I am replacing a Serta spring bed that I sat on from time to time (ok maybe too much) and had a dip in it. I let it go too far and it's completely wrecked my back and hips. It expanded pretty quickly, and here a few hours later has gotten firmer and about 2 inches taller than it was when it came out of the box and did the initial decompression. There was pretty much no smell immediately either.

One thing to note, I got the twin size, have an ikea black framed bed frame the mattress sits sunken in. It's a fixed frame and the mattress is tight within the frame, which is actually pretty nice, but it's definitely bigger than the Serta twin spring I am replacing. I'd lose my phone, remotes, etc. down the side of the bed all the time before and that is not possible anymore since it's just slightly squeezed inside. I can see this mattress hanging over a box spring some. Maybe a half inch or so on each side. May not matter but just as an fyi.

as for comfort, accounting for it not being fully decompressed, I can tell this is going to be great to sleep on. It seems to give at all the right spots and feels much better on my back (which kind of hurts laying on it, but in the same way laying on the floor does, it's a good hurt realigning everything) and so I'll expect to feel a bit sore still as i readjust to sleeping correctly.
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