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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 26, 2012
I'm actually really surprised how much I have been enjoying mysteries lately. They seem to be at the top of my reading list, and I get them done relatively quickly (for me, anyway).

"Our Husband," by Stephanie Bond, was another enjoyable mystery. It starts off with Dr. Natalie Blankenship Carmichael treating patients and going about her day, thinking about her husband, Raymond, a prosthetic limb salesman who travels a lot. They seem to have the perfect marriage that helps both their careers and their libidos (absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?). On her last patient of the day, Natalie encounters Brian Buter, a gruff pawn shop owner who is owed a lot of money by Raymond, and he's come to Natalie to collect.

Later that night, after being thoroughly put off by Butler, Natalie gets a call that her husband has been in an accident and is going to the hospital. She drives out there and discovers he has not only ONE other wife, but TWO!

Socialite Beatrix Richardson married the charming bad boy she thought she loved. Exotic Dancer, Ruby Hicks, marries the regular who offers her a beautiful trailer and a future for their unborn child.

When the three women discover each other in the hospital and confront their husband, Raymond has a heart attack, dying soon after. When an autopsy is done by mistake and it is discovered that Raymond had a high level of heart medication in his system, all three women are arrested for conspiring to kill him.

Three women with absolutely NOTHING in common come together in the most unusual of ways to solve a murder and clear their names. It's a bit wacky, as it's supposed to be, and what I liked it that it was told from each woman's POV, so I knew that the real murderer wasn't any of them. I knew who the murderer should be, but not who it was.

I love escapist reads because they don't require much cerebral energy. I tend to over think things, and taking a break from my own life through books is such a nice reprieve.

This book had such interesting protagonists who differed so much that it seems like their husband really thought he could Have it All. Talk about indecisive. I don't understand the urge to cheat or have more than one spouse. It just flabbergasts me as to why someone would wittingly make their life complicated. Life is complicated enough without making it so yourself. Honestly, these women were better off once he died, and with the tight little bow of an ending, I think everyone went on to have a much less complicated life without him.

I think I have more Stephanie Bond on my Kindle I should check it out.

Written by Rebekah Martin, author of "Sugar and Spies (Spy Sisters 1)"
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