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Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2016
I cannot believe that I am just now discovering The Joe Pickett series. I started with #14. That was all it took. I immediately bought all the rest and am on a reading marathon through the entire series. I will even reread the first one (out of order) because I now have more context with which to enjoy the book.There is not one thing I do not like about the characters or the writing. I love the Jack Reacher books. But I like these better because there is more depth to the characters, and better story lines. I fervently hope C J Box is not through with Joe.

Like a lot of readers, as I read a book with characters I really like, I try to figure out the actor I think would best portray the character. I don't have the others figured out, BUT, I would love to see laid back Matthew McConnhey play Joe. He is the right age and after seeing him in a variety of roles (one being a show on one of the HBO, SHO. etc with Woody Harrelson as his co-star, I really think t would be great to make each book an entire season with Matthew.

Mr. Box. If you ever do decide to have a TV series or movie made from one of the Joe Pickett books, PLEASE retain screen writing rights AND most importantly, the right to decide who plays Joe. As the world know knows, Lee Child made a bad mistake when he sold Tom Cruise all the rights. Tom is no more a Jack Reacher than I am. Steven Segal, in his prime, would have made a great Reacher.

Thanks for giving us such a great series.
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