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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 30, 2013
Philippe Petit's latest book, WHY KNOT? is no ordinary knot book--it's a joy, full of surprises, tales, tips, technical info and most importantly, the illustrations (all done by Petit) are simple and elegant with clear step-by-step knot tying instructions that are singularly Philippe's. The book itself is a work of art that is practical and fun...and to get everyone in on the game, it comes complete with a little red cord coiled in the cover so one can jump right in and start knotting!
It makes a great gift for Father's Day, Campers on their way into the woods, Climbers, Riggers & Stage Hands, Sailors, Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts, Spelunkers, Timber Framers,Longshore Men, Firemen, Tree Surgeons & Brain Surgeons, Circus schools, Performers & Crews, Motorists, Survivalists, Farmers, Movers--the list just goes on and on...why it's even a great wedding gift--WHY KNOT? when you're tying the knot--there's even a True Lover's Knot on p. 196!
Pick up one for yourself and for your friends and start a knotting party! WHY KNOT?
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