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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2017
I forgot how much I enjoy this author's books and for some reason I missed this one. I do so love an arranged marriage theme and this was a good one. The H and h's clans have been fighting for 3 generations and the latest regent decides that it has to come to an end. He drags these two to the altar under threat of harming their families. Both main characters are unhappy to say the least, as they grew up seeing each other's clan as the enemy. The h runs back home on her wedding day and doesn't see the H for a month. He spots her dancing with another man on May Day and this is too much for him so he takes her home. They don't consummate the marriage for some time because the H decides that the h needs to come to him. It really was all quite sweet despite the numerous steamy scenes, as Ms Wine is known for. The H for once wasn't a serial womaniser or too arrogant or too harsh but he was all Highlander. The h was spirited but wise in choosing her battles. She made good decisions and showed restraint. I couldn't put the book down. It ended rather abruptly but luckily the next one comes out in a few days.
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