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Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2020
My two kids loved this book. They looked forward to every page, until it came to making the museum display. They loved the idea of displaying their work and making their own museum, but it really upset them when they had to cut their artwork out of the pages, because they were really proud of the work they had done on the reverse sides. So instead of cutting out each page of their artwork, they ended up taping all the art pages back in, and we made copies instead.

I really wish that each of the pages that were intended to be cut out had been backed on a page that was blank. Or even provide the number of blank paper pages needed for the artwork so later on we would not have to tear it out of the book (already being loose), that would be a great solution. I know that would have made the book thicker (and maybe more expensive) but it would have solved the problem of cutting up pages they had colored, which would be worth it to me. Spectrum kids can be very particular, and don't like to disrupt or displace things that are already completed.
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