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Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2021
I didn’t used to be a huge paranormal fan. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge one now, but I’m slowly being won over. Gail Z. Martin/Morgan Brice is a real reason for that. I normally stick to books with LGBTQ protagonists, but being a fan of Ms. Brice’s Badlands and Witchbane series, I knew I had to pick this book up because Simon, Vic, Seth, and Evan all make cameo appearances. As well, there are other gay couples quite prominent in the story, so I was more than happy to dive in.

The world Ms. Martin has created is astonishing. Ghosts, demons, supernatural spirits, witches, good versus evil – everything is all wrapped up in this package of seemingly ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Now, do I personally believe in all this stuff? Uh, no. Do I enjoy reading books written by writers with such imaginations? Yes.

On to this book. Cassidy Kincaide, Simon’s cousin, is the POV character for the entire book and that just worked for me. She’s a psychometric, still learning the full extent of her powers. Being surrounded by others with supernatural powers definitely helps. When a man approaches their group and talks about being cursed and knowing he’s destined to die, I was intrigued.

Thus began a battle to save his soul. There was mystery, there was suspense, there was a proposal at a birthday scene…a little bit of everything. And yes, my favorite characters all popped up. I enjoyed this book, and will definitely pick up more in the series.

Courtney Patterson is a new to me narrator and I really enjoyed her performance. She was just perfect for this role, as Kale Williams is for the two Morgan Brice series. Great job, can’t wait for more.
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4.6 out of 5
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