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Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2019
This was perhaps one of the most entertaining books in the series I've read. It felt like several books within one. All the different storylines coming together enter changing like a soap opera lol I never write reviews but I felt like it with this book. I was literally sad when I finished it but felt even more excited to start the next one. I started reading this series last December when I first tuned in to watch the Starz version season 4. I had no idea what this Outlander thing was all about... So I decided to buy the first book and start from the beginning. I'm a fan of historical fiction books but I kinda surprised myself that I didn't just go back and watch the past seasons to catch from sheer laziness...I finally did...but only after I finished the first three books. I'm one of those I like the books better than the movie people so I didn't want to alter my imagination with watching the series before reading the books. But I have to admit although both are somewhat different (books being more light hearted with that comedic element characteristic style of writing Diana possesses and not so dreary or somewhat slow or boring the tv series in my opinion can be times) both have great value and I feel the writers of the series did an excellent job with such full volume content each book holds bringing to screen this amazing story by Ms. Gabaldon.
I've read every book in order including all the filler stories/books about Lord John and younger Jamie. All great.
I can't wait to pair up my imagination with season 5. One thing about the tv series is the cast. All beautiful and talented and seemingly nice and genuine of character. Great casting. The first season was excellent watching ... but I still enjoyed reading the book. Also, I may be the only one out there thinking this but I somewhat feel that most of these cable network shows are somewhat pornagraphic in nature and tend to cheapen or detract from the great storyline . Reading about such things is better in my opinion because the writing skill of the author is such that it doesn't feel so graphic? I don't know... I think these networks feel that they must include such gratuitous sex scenes to keep everybody's attention or for ratings or something but come on... we're not that depraved are we? Lol just saying...
These books are amazingly historically correct great story line tactfully written with a tastefully described love affair between two souls from different times.
I have had the best year taking time out of a somewhat busy schedule to commit to reading all of these books and just wanted to share that with you.
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