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Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2018
If you've read the previous books you know what you're getting with Robert Jordan. You know his long winded style, his description of every single person in the room with lengthy backstory and usually involved in the story later on as well. Marvelously intricate and the world he creates is as deep as the ocean and well described. And you love it if you are here at book ten. You know that but this book is Robert Jordan 'dripping like honey in a snowstorm' with his words and story, a muddled mess beyond the usual level of slow development you are used to. Do you want to know what everyone in the entire story thinks about Rand cleansing the male half of the source? You're going to find out with long rambling tangents as we follow every character in the book and their reaction to what could have been the most exciting highlight of the book but which seems to wander along.
But you are going to go ahead and plod on in like I did. I don't blame Robert Jordan, he was sick by this time I think. The audible is really the way to go with this book. I go through both the electronic version and audio with Robert Jordan because it's really a rewarding experience. The words, the descriptions, the characters are ones you want to soak in every word and enjoy but here the story really plods along and drags and when you get to the end you feel like you didn't get a proper ending. So it's poor all around. But still, there's still the next book and hopefully we'll get some closure with the next.
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